Gaming is the other category of what we can call “virtual sports”.

The difference between e-sports and the other two versions is that e-sports are sports played by professional athletes in their games.

In other words, the human factor is at stake and is decisive in each event and for this reason they are close to traditional sports.

E-sports have an enviable structure, distributing million-dollar prizes and, although the main events are usually played in crowded arenas – to attract fans and to avoid connection problems or any type of external interference – in extreme cases they can be played remotely, with each athlete in their home.

The most played e-sports in the world are League of Legends (LoL), CS:GO and Dota 2, but there are also major simulator leagues such as FIFA, PES and NBA2k20.

How to bet on e-Sports?

Today, practically all the major sports betting websites have sections dedicated exclusively to betting on e-sports.

To bet on e-sports, besides understanding the game and its particularities – so as not to throw money away with wrong guesses – you need to know the teams and the stars of the sports.

With its unique pre-game and live markets, betting on e-sports can be very exciting and profitable.

Simulated reality: trivia

E-Sports betting guide

The first time simulated reality betting was organised was in 1967, when an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease suddenly cancelled the horse riding season in England. 

The BBC then broadcast the first computer-simulated horse race in history. Data was collected on the horses, jockeys, track and some random variables were inserted.

The race was broadcast live on one of the BBC radio stations, with narration and everything you could possibly need.

Successful experiment

In 2001 history repeated itself and became popular among British bookmakers.

19 years later, in 2020, the pandemic caused the Grand National, one of the UK’s main equestrian events, to be cancelled. The virtual competition had an audience of 4.8 million people, 30% of the audience on time.

The bookmakers’ profit on the event reached $2.6 million and was all donated to charity. The average value of the bets was $2.

The favourite, Tiger Roll, two-time winner of the Royal race, was paying 5.00 but finished in fourth position. The winner, paying 18.00 for every dollar bet, was Potters Corner.

Is it worth betting on virtual sports?


When things are a bit stagnant in the world of sports betting that most punters are used to, a good way out of boredom is virtual sports betting.

For those who just want to pass the time, traditional ‘Virtual Sports’ are a quick and simple way to have fun.

For those who love football and want the feeling of betting on a real game, Simulated Reality Leagues feature real matches, not just random facts.

And finally, for those who prefer sports that are closer to the traditional ones, e-sports offer exciting matches in different games.

It is worth investing your time in virtual sports. 

Good bets!

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