The BetChan Canada casino is open to anybody who is interested, regardless of their social status or wealth. The most desired guest, of course, will be a wealthy visitor willing to spend big sums of money on pleasure. Highrollers are a certain type of player that falls into this group.

Who are Highrollers

A high roller is a professional gambler who wagers large sums of money. What does it mean to be a highroller? To put it simply, It’s a key player. They are VIP gamers and provide fantastic revenues to any online casino or traditional gambling institution. They’re also known as “whales.” Poker is frequently the game of choice for such gamers.

What is a Casino for Highrollers


There is a group of well-known online casinos with a solid track record. Wealthy consumers with large deposits use their platform. The organizers provide them with access to the top VIP clubs, as well as exclusive perks and promotions. Highroller events are held on a regular basis.

Such guests are treated with the utmost respect at traditional facilities, with luxury rooms and limos available. VIP games are held in specific halls and chambers. They have distinct advantages over regular players. Each institution has its own set of perks and incentives for VIPs, all of which are extremely competitive.

How to Become a Highroller for a Casino

It is simple to become a VIP member of an online casino. As soon as your offers surpass those of others, the site administrator will pay attention to you. You will be given VIP status and the benefits that come with it. 

The most popular promos are as follows:

  • Individual prizes; 
  • Good cashback; 
  • Reduced withdrawal limit; 
  • Individual halls and tables; 
  • Special conditions in the loyalty program; 
  • Birthday gifts and other holidays;
  • Bonuses for deposit replenishment; 
  • Urgent withdrawal of funds; 
  • Special games and tournaments; 
  • Personal service; 

You can write to technical support yourself if you don’t want to wait for someone to pay attention to you. As a result, you will be able to learn more about the special bonus scheme before making your initial investment.

Casino Games for Highrollers


There is no such thing as a highroller slot machine. With a few exceptions, all games in the online service with a live dealer are geared for large stakes. You can inquire about the maximum restriction on them as soon as you access the site. 

Today, games with a maximum bet of less than 50 euros per spin are unusual. It usually costs between 200 and 500 euros. Roulette, poker, and other card games with huge stakes are more readily available. A VIP emblem is frequently used to identify developed variations for highrollers. 

Many individuals believe that highrollers are merely money bags with nowhere to put their cash. In reality, even a really affluent VIP player understands the measure and can predict the quantity and duration of the game ahead of time. And, despite having lost a significant sum, the entire capital will not be harmed.

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