If gambling at Mason Slots Canada becomes your raison d’être, or if there’s nothing left in life but excitement, you’ve taken a wrong turn. We tell you how to find the balance between gambling and everyday life.

Who doesn’t risk, doesn’t drink champagne? We’ll explore together how this tactic reflects the real psychology of the game.

Never Put More Than Money on the Line

Most psychologists who work in the field of gambling, agree that no advice for good luck balancing will not work if you do not remember a simple rule: no matter what happens, no matter how the game went, whether you win or lose, not even for a moment think about the fact that you risk more than money.

Your success in the game does not make you a better or a worse person, does not reveal your personality or define your place in society. You shouldn’t think you’re risking your own reputation or self-respect.

Playing is much more relaxed and enjoyable when you know that in even the most extreme case you won’t lose anything in the game except money.

Never Underestimate Stress

Knowing how to keep your balance also means your ability to admit that the game is pressuring you. It doesn’t matter if the game is going well or not.

It’s not losing or winning that leads to exhaustion, but a strong motivation and lack of rest. You shouldn’t get caught up and put yourself under stress. Otherwise, you can stop enjoying both the game and real life.

You will never reach your peak performance that you could have reached if you don’t take care of yourself outside of the poker table. You need to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep every day.

You should also keep your stress levels low in other areas of your life and take care of yourself mentally and emotionally, which in turn will reduce your tendency to tilt.

Take Pauses


Pauses are your friends. Big or small, even breaks for a couple of hours can even out the balance between your game and your everyday life, help you get your strength together and get rid of stress.

But you should make the breaks between games as high-quality and fulfilling as possible. Do not immediately rush to the analysis of your games. Better yet, put them out of your mind at all times. Yes, it’s difficult, but there are secrets and tips that can help.

For example, make a rule: write down what’s bothering you on paper, and leave it there, meanwhile switching to completely different activities.

Quit if You Don’t Enjoy the Game

Success at gambling is not determined by the amount of money won, as beginners often think. True success is determined by how the game affects your daily life.

If at some point your losses start to bring you more disappointment than your wins bring you more joy, quit it. This means that you are burned out on the game. And you risk total burnout in life.

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