Winning a jackpot does not happen every day in online or land-based casino rooms, but when it does it is a memorable experience. 

A jackpot is what we all know as a special prize with a higher value than the normal prizes on a spin. 

Progressive and Fixed Jackpot – Check the differences! 

Before we start explaining what progressive jackpots are, it is worth remembering that there are two types of jackpots you have probably heard of: fixed jackpot and progressive jackpot. 

Progressive Jackpot 

Basically, a progressive jackpot is a prize whose value grows and accumulates according to the participation of all bettors in the game. 

In other words, a percentage of the players’ bets goes into the pot until the special prize – the jackpot – is won. 

The lucky player receives the amount in the pot. 

Fixed Jackpot 

progressive jackpot

In a fixed jackpot slot, the value of the prize does not change no matter how many times you bet, unlike the progressive jackpot. 

Therefore, the final prize is not influenced by your play or that of other players. 

3 jackpot slots 

Top Trumps Football Stars – Playtech Studio 

Football lovers beware! 

Playtech’s Top Trumps Football Stars game was inspired by the 2018 World Cup, which allows you to play with the world’s biggest football stars. 

In this slot machine you can find free spins, wild symbols and bonuses. 

But the Sporting Legends Jackpot is undoubtedly the highlight feature of this game! On every spin you can win the daily, weekly or mega jackpot! 

Choose your favourite players to help you win incredible prizes. 

Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas – Playtech Studio 

Another incredible slot from Playtech! Age of the Gods Mighty Midas slot 

Mighty Midas is one of the most popular games in the Age of the Gods series and boasts a vast list of features. 

Launched in 2018, this Ancient Greek-inspired game features a 5-reel theme and offers up to 40 ways to win. 

Of course, this slot machine also has 4 progressive jackpots that will be randomly distributed throughout the game. 

If you think it’s just another slot jackpot, you’re wrong. This Playtech game has a minimum jackpot of $100,000! 

Look out for the gems that can help you win big. 

Great 27 Slots 

online progressive jackpot

Great 27 is a classic fruit slot with features such as multipliers, wilds and of course, jackpots! 

In this game you can feel the special atmosphere of a vintage slot, but you can count on colourful, modern and high-quality graphics. 

Also, the Great 27 has not 1, but 4 mysterious progressive jackpots! 

This slot machine from EGT studio has already distributed epic prizes, so maybe it’s your turn to win.

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