Volleyball is a very popular sport and many people like to follow the matches, either on court or on TV. Of course it does not have the same number of fans as football, but it certainly attracts a lot of attention. Therefore, there are many possibilities to bet on volleyball on the specialised websites.

Volleyball betting markets

Now, let’s mention the betting markets, i.e. the types of predictions that can be made on the best volleyball betting sites.

Winner of the match, no draw

Volleyball Betting tips

It is the most basic type of possibility. The player must bet on the team that will win the match, scoring 3 sets. In other sports, there is usually a choice between A, B or draw. In volleyball betting, there is no draw.

Tie-breaker or extra point

As we mentioned earlier, there needs to be a difference of two points between the teams for a set of 25 points to be ended. Players can predict whether or not there will be the extra point tiebreaker in sets. The answer must be yes or no.


The user must answer a question regarding set advantage. For example: Will Team B win with a 0.5 set advantage? 1.5 set? 2.5 sets? Each answer presents odds, according to the prediction the bookmaker believes to be the most likely.

Points Scored

In this market, the betting site asks for an estimate of points to be scored by a team. Like, the following question: will team A score more or less than X number of points? To make a correct guess, the player must take into account the number of sets. The longer the match, the higher the number of points per team.

Another variant is to guess if the total points will be even or odd, either for the whole match or for a certain set.

Correct set score

Another idea is to set the score of a certain set, such as 25-23 for team A. This type of bet is most common in large tournaments with more markets. Predictors of set results are usually more difficult to get right and require a high degree of knowledge of the teams. On the other hand, the odds are great.

Match result market


Here the options are more limited because the bettor must get the set score right, for example, 3-2 to team A. As there are at most 5 sets, the possibilities are 3×0, 3×1, 3×2, only.

That is why certain bookmakers change the market a bit, with tickets about the outcome of the match after the second set, i.e. a partial guess. The options would be 2×0 or 1×1. 

Betting tips

Bookmakers can work with handicap, which is a type of advantage or disadvantage set to change the odds. Many times it is worth using the handicap, especially in matches with very predictable results. After all, the handicap is an extra element in the market.

Highlight tournaments have more markets than ordinary leagues, as well as exclusive promotions. Be smart to find out which betting site has the best volleyball betting promotions.

A risky guess, but that earns many reals in the account is to choose the winner of the competition, right at the beginning of the tournament.

See the possibility of betting on individual markets, such as best athlete of the match, player with more points or more blocks.

During major team tournaments, it is good to follow sports betting sites that sponsor volleyball teams. In 2020, for example, Betclic sponsored the national teams of Poland and France.

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