Pay attention to the fighting style of each competitor to predict their performance relative to their opponent. Watch previous fights, where your favorite fighter faces athletes with a similar style to his next opponent.

If the fighter is new to the UFC, look at his experience in other leagues. Find out if he was once a pro kickboxer, for example, so you can tell if he has a tendency to go on the attack.

Do a good research about the athletes, avoid acting on impulse. Check the opinion of industry experts to have more arguments when choosing the champion.

Use bonuses and promotions specific to big events. In prominent fights, the betting sites may offer cashback, free bets, and other types of incentives. Stay tuned!

When you understand an athlete’s weaknesses and strengths, you can have better betting odds. This is because, if he is the type that keeps the fight on the ground, it will certainly make the fight last longer. Therefore, a bet on the largest number of rounds can be a good call.

Analyse the odds carefully. In some cases, they can be very low, like 1.08 for the favourite. The margin of gain is too small, so it is not worth wasting time with this type of bet. Make a search in the UFC bookmakers and look for the one with the best winning margins.

MMA Betting Market

It is quite easy to bet on MMA because there are few ways to guarantee a guess, unlike football, which has many variants. In a quick and concise way you will get to know the most common markets in bookmakers.



The bettor must select the probable champion of the fight. The odds of the underdog will always be higher, which may leave many users tempted to risk a guess on the loser. Anything can happen, right?

Over/Under Totals

The member must choose whether the fight ends before or after a set number of rounds. The betting site sets a total of rounds, so simply select the over or under option. It’s good to use this market in the case of fighters who notably have fast fights, for example by selecting the option below 3.5. Or for those who usually battle for several rounds, it’s worth opting for the over 3.5 total.


This market is not always available, but there is a way to choose the round in which the fight will be finalized. There are 5 options, so we realise it’s a more difficult decision than the moneyline.

MMA: learn more about the sport

UFC Betting

First of all, understand that MMA is a style of martial arts, which includes punches with elbows, knees, fists and feet, as well as immobilisation techniques. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the most famous MMA tournament. It was created in 1993 and today is one of the most watched sporting events in the USA.

Well, let’s talk a bit about the fights. The fighters can belong to nine categories, according to their weight, which goes from 56.7 to 120.2 kilos. The competitions always take place in an eight-sided ring, called the octagon. So far, the modality is, in a way, similar to boxing.

There are other similar points, such as the division of the fight into rounds, which last five minutes, interspersed by one-minute intervals. If there are no knockouts or withdrawals, at the end of the last round, the judges decide who was the better athlete, using a points system.

As this is a mixed martial arts tournament, MMA, the athletes need to master techniques from modalities such as judo, boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, jiu jitsu, muay thai and any other type of fight that helps their performance.

UFC rules

Previously, MMA was widely known as vale-tudo, but such a name no longer makes sense as it has strict rules. Fighters cannot have big difference in weight, they must belong to the same category, so there is no disadvantage.

Several types of blows and conducts are considered lack, as: biting, spitting, attack in the genital region, pinching, hair pulling, headbutting, use of abusive language, holding the opponent’s shorts and disobeying the referee.

The knockout occurs when one of the athletes is struck and becomes unconscious. Thus, the fight comes to an end before time. Already the technical knockout is defined when one of the fighters does not have as to continue in the fight in reason of an injury or cut (medical decision, withdrawal or judge’s interference) or when the referee finishes the fight because one of the athletes does not present reaction, without defending himself.

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